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About SplashPipe™

SplashPipe™ is a superior time-varying solution for maintaining customer engagement and process control by creating an always open virtual interactive portal directly on any computer in the world.

The benefits created through a SplashPipe™ solution are driven through improved relationships between information service providers, smart grid controllers, and end users/consumers.

Customer relationships enhanced through SplashPipe™ are becoming increasing important for companies as they strive to strengthen customer engagement in building value-add 'content marketing', 'content service', and/or 'smart grid controller' models.

More specifically, SplashPipe™ leverages a patent-pending Artificial Intelligence engine for controlling what goes where when™ to provide several key benefits for clients:

· Priority communication and control channel[no clutter or spam]
· Immediate access to solution-driven control signals[no waiting for search to occur]
· Full-fidelity signal and content projections[no limitations imposed by available bandwidth]
· Privacy maintained[no personal information exposed]
· Works on virtually any electronic device [context-dynamic experience]
· Ultimate in "sticky" and "drive traffic" to create loyalty [reach out and touch influence]
· Mentoring pipeline is established[content orchestration]
· Experience patterns are enabled to develop target habits [guided, time-varying prescriptions]

All this in a production-ready enterprise-level framework. 

Examples of specifically targeted features and benefits for several markets are being applied based upon collaborative engagements for SplashPipe VIP solutions:
If you'd like to learn more about how you could experience SplashPipe™ through a trial and/or have your own branded SplashPipe™, please email us at connect@splashpipe.com

SplashPipe™  is powered by Impact Video Solutions, LLC (IVS)   

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